Custom ERP for Retail Industry

The retail industry thrives at a fast pace and is highly influenced by ever-changing customer demands. This industry also witnesses cut-throat competition and retailers require capable systems to bring digital transformation in various processes to cope with intensifying competition. We are one of the leading ERP service providers in India, and assist retailers to achieve short-term success while addressing long-term goals using our customized Retail solutions. We design retail software solutions for improving services and enhancing the performance of processes.

Industry - Retail

Why Retail Management Software is Necessary?

A retail industry may either comprise a small chain of retail stores or a large company that has a global presence with hundreds of thousands of stores established across various parts of the world. A custom ERP for retail industry can serve all the requirements of any size of retail business effectively.

Tailored Retail ERP Software can help retailers manage processes efficiently by providing the flow of information consistently. It is easy to track all business transactions through real-time, automated recording of transactions. A robust retail solution can play a vital role for your business to survive and thrive with increased profits and improved efficiency.

Whether you own a retail chain or a startup, your business can get many benefits from the customized ERP for retail industry. As a comprehensive solution, our retail ERP software can meet all your needs and help you expand your business over the period. If you want to step up your retail business from startup or small scale to mid-sized, our bespoke ERP solutions can assist you.

Matiyas Solutions is a renowned retail automation company in India. We build customized retail solutions to bring digital transformation to your core business activities. We develop software for accounting or human resources, store management, supply chain management, custom relationship management, and warehouse management. Startups and small to mid-sized retailers can make the most of our advanced retail solutions.

Key Features of Our ERP Software for Retail and Distribution

Our feature-rich solutions aim at bringing retail digital transformation. Some of the key modules of our ERP software for retail and distribution include-

Industry - Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Retailers can get real-time insights to make quick and informed decisions. This is a highly versatile and useful module to make the most of available data.

Industry - Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

It is useful for establishing and maintaining relationships with customers by offering them personalized experiences and improved support services.

Industry - Financial Management

Financial Management

This module is useful for account management and managing financials. Retailers can make budgetary allocations and track transactions using this module.

Industry - Inventory Management

Inventory Management

It is designed to enable retailers to track inventories to avoid overstock or no-stock situations. The inventory management module also monitors warehouse movements.

Industry - Trading & Distribution

Trading & Distribution

This robust module takes care of every aspect related to trading and distribution while managing all the processes effectively and tracking various activities.

Industry - Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

This module is designed to act as a bridge between the growing demand and supply of various products so that your customers can get what they want all the time.

Industry - Point of Sale (POS) Management

Point of Sale (POS) Management

It enables retailers and distributors to monitor POS-based transactions while keeping the audit trails for making financial and accounting reports.

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How Our ERP Software for Retail can benefit Your Business?

A customized ERP solution can take your retail business to a new level by bringing automation and transforming various processes. Here are the key business benefits of our ERP software for retail and distribution sector-

Manufacturing - Enhanced Resource Utilization

Enhanced Resource Utilization

Retailers can utilize available resources in an optimized way. It eventually translates into reduced costs and higher profits.

Manufacturing - Improved Inventory Management

Improved Inventory Management

Inventory and supply chain management in a proper way can lead the retail company to manage the stock effectively.

Industry - High Responsiveness

High Responsiveness

A future-ready ERP for retailers and distributors can keep retailers ready to respond to any business constraints.

Industry - Reduced Overheads

Reduced Overheads

Our reliable retail ERP system enables your company to reduce overheads and thereby reducing excessive loss.

Industry - Integrated Environment

Integrated Environment

Customized solution for Retail ERP offers an integrated work environment in your retail company with automated processes.

Industry - More Scalability

More Scalability

You can take your business to a new level or expand it with ease as our retail automation solutions are highly scalable.

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