Custom ERP for Healthcare Industry

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions have simplified complex processes and brought automation across various industry sectors globally. When it comes to streamlining processes while breaking data silos, and augmenting operative efficiencies for improving patient care, healthcare ERP solutions are highly useful. Customized ERP software for hospital industry can help your organization manage the key business and administrative functions including financial accounting, inventory management, and patient services.

Industry - Healthcare

Why Healthcare ERP Software is Necessary?

  • The healthcare sector is thriving and opens the doors of new opportunities, but at the same time, it poses many challenges. Also, your healthcare organization has to achieve two major objectives- high-quality patient care and cost-effective services to remain competitive. A customized ERP solution can bring digital transformation to the healthcare sector.
  • Feature-rich healthcare ERP software can enable you to meet various objectives effectively by improving your patient services and expanding the reach of various facilities. Integration of customized ERP solutions into your existing system can assist you to reduce clinical errors and increase the efficiency of healthcare professionals.
  • Once your healthcare services and facilities are expanding, you need to integrate the patient database with confidential information on health conditions. It assists clinicians and healthcare professionals to get real-time access to patients’ lab reports and other necessary information for an accurate diagnosis.
  • Your healthcare organization needs synchronization among various departments while automating admin processes and back-office operations. Reducing overheads and streamlining all the information are also imperative to save costs and keep all processes in control. An ERP software for healthcare industry is designed to enable you to manage and control all the processes from a single platform.

Key Features of Our ERP Healthcare Software

At Matiyas, our experienced professionals know ins and outs of a growing healthcare sector. We process and tailor ERP systems with key features for your healthcare organization-

Industry - Appointment Scheduling System

Appointment Scheduling System

It has a record of time, date, and place of scheduled appointments as well as medical examinations or prognoses of indoor and outdoor or remote patients.

Industry - Doctor-Patient Interaction Report

Doctor-Patient Interaction Report

It is a single platform for all necessary schedules, past and future examination dates, prescriptions, and test reports of patients in a detailed manner.

Industry - Front-desk Management

Front-desk Management

Our ERP software for hospital industry has a special module to assist the admin to control various processes at once from a single, interactive dashboard.

Industry - Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting

This is one of the most important features of an ERP healthcare solution that streamlines financial processes and assists you to plan the budget accordingly.

Industry - Equipment Maintenance

Equipment Maintenance

This feature helps your organization operate the equipment and connected devices in different procedures and report immediately if any of these need servicing.

Industry - Real-time Reporting and Automation

Real-time Reporting and Automation

Our customized ERP healthcare software can automate processes and provide real-time reports on predetermined actions and diagnoses or medication.

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How Our Healthcare ERP Software can Benefit Your Organization?

Since inception, we have gained fame as a reliable ERP service provider in India across different industry verticals. Our customized healthcare ERP software can help you simplify the complexities of various processes and cost-effectively manage various operations.

Industry - multispecialty hospital

Key characteristics of our feature-rich ERP for multispecialty hospitals are-

  • We integrate all the necessary features to meet your healthcare organization’s requirements in the best possible way
  • As a reputed and renowned healthcare software provider we offer the best-in-class support and maintenance services
  • Our high-quality automation solutions are ready to meet the challenges of the future and you can transform healthcare services digitally with ease
  • We have an in-house team of expert ERP developers who have hands-on experience in cutting-edge tools and technologies
  • You can streamline key administrative and other departmental processes with ease using our healthcare ERP software
  • Swift and secure access to the database using various devices is possible through our customized ERP healthcare solution

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