ERP for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) function independently to serve social or political goals like humanitarian causes or protection of the environment. NGOs need a robust and secure ERP solution to manage finance, administration, and other key processes effectively. Customized ERP for non-profit organizations is designed to manage resources as well as domestic and institutional funds for streamlining processes and bringing automation to repetitive activities. With this, ERP solutions can assist NGOs to meet regulatory compliances and other requirements.

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Are ERP Systems Worth for Nonprofit Organizations?

Enterprise resource planning software for nonprofit organizations or NGOs can manage the records of donors and assist the management to control expenditure in line with the allocated budget. NGOs can spend more on humanitarian activities through efficient expense management. ERP Software for nonprofits also facilitates them to bring transparency in processes as they can give real-time reports to stakeholders and the general public.

Our customized ERP software solutions for NGOs enable your organization to leverage the benefits of data analytics. Our ERP is designed to provide actionable insights as and when the NGO’s management wants to make informed decisions. With evolving data analytics technology, we integrate a robust and reliable data management system into the ERP solution for NGOs.

Enterprise resource planning software for NGOs has secure tracking and networking system to ensure end-to-end workflow management between various departments including finance, administration, and volunteers’ management.

At Matiyas Solutions, we consider every aspect related to effective management and resolving challenges using our ERP for non-profit organizations so that you can keep the focus on the core objectives of your NGO. We assist you to implement customized ERP software with optimal solutions so that your team can handle various processes more effectively.

Key Features of Non-profit Organizations ERP Software

ERP for non-profit organizations can serve many objectives of your NGO. We integrate advanced features with seamless functionality in the customized solutions. Here are the key features of our ERP software-

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Procurement Management

It enables users to initiate, track, and process service or material requests and procurement from remote locations in real-time.

Industry - Donor Management

Donor Management

It assists NGOs to keep the donor’s records, transaction records, and budget planning monitoring to avoid overbought situations.

Industry - Workflow Management

Workflow Management

You can manage the workflow system effectively with remote connectivity across various departments and reporting processes.

Industry - Account and Finance Management

Account and Finance Management

From audit trails to real-time financial reporting, the account and finance management feature is useful for bringing transparency.

Industry - Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance

It brings transparency in performance and various activities to enable your NGO to meet all the regulatory requirements effectively.

Industry - Workforce Management

Social Media Management

You can integrate all the activities with the social media accounts of your NGO to reach the local community and prospective donors with ease.

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Looking for a Reliable ERP for Your Non-profit Organisation?


How ERP Software for NGOs can Benefit Your Organization?

Module-based and objective-driven ERP for nonprofits benefits your NGO in many ways. We build customized solutions for bringing automation into various processes. Here are the key benefits of our NGO-specific solution-

Non-profit - Secure and Anytime Access

Secure and Anytime Access

With the highest level of security, our tailored NGO solution offers a robust access control. Only key executives can access important information anytime and from anywhere.

Non-profit - Efficient Resource Planning

Efficient Resource Planning

You can manage all available resources effectively to reach the maximum number of people who are in need. Our bespoke solution assists you to allocate work to volunteers with ease.

Non-profit - Effective Monitoring

Effective Monitoring

Any NGO requires effective evaluation and real-time monitoring of all activities and core processes. Cloud-based ERP accounting software can effectively handle M&E (Monitoring & Evaluation).

Non-profit - Excellent Project Management

Excellent Project Management

NGOs initiate and execute large projects related to human welfare or social causes. A tailored ERP for NGOs can assist your NGO to manage any size of the project effectively.

Non-profit - Compliance Management

Compliance Management

You can maintain all transactions and systematically keep records using the NGO ERP solution for addressing all the compliance-related requirements and following standards.

Non-profit - Quick Decisions

Quick Decisions

Data analytics feature can analyze all the information to provide meaningful insights and you can make real-time decisions for expanding the scope of your non-profit organization.

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