Why Partner With Matiyas?

  • A higher percentage of commission rate as your sale increases
  • Get premium support assistance from our team
  • Exclusive Rights to Lead Ownership
  • We will provide you with additional referrals in any inquiry needs assistance from your city or nearby places.
  • There is no need to provide additional training to your clients. We are here to help.
How Our Program Works?​

How Our Program Works?​


What Partners Need To Succeed

With an incredibly transparent partner program, our partners enjoy the benefits of product differentiation, customer satisfaction and an increase in opportunities.

Customer Satisfaction

Matiyas ERP offers a low cost, incremental way to initiate and conquer small-medium-large projects.

Customers are able to come in under budget due to Matiyas solution.

Rapidly modernize customer business processes and enable them with industry-leading visibility and intelligence.

Increase Opportunities

Open new opportunities for additional professional services.

Create compelling events to drive revenue.

Leverage ERP and experts to help close deals.

Client Feedback

Our Clients Feedback

We provide company and finance service for startups and company business.


Director of My Institute - I’m really happy with the service and support given by Matiyas team. They had solve our business challenges and give us the right digital solutions. I really thanks to Matiyas for supporting us any time. I recommended Matiyas for digital solutions.

Mr. Kamal Jalan

Director of My Institute

Success Story of Mr. Simranjit Singh's Pharmaceutical Company "Aprazer Healthcare Private Limited" with the help of our ERP Software System. They are sharing here their incredible experience with our ERP software system tailored for the pharmaceutical industry...

Mr. Simranjit Singh

CEO of Aprazer Healthcare

Matiyas offered us a functionally strong and automated solution to address the end-to-end needs of our business operation. This solutions will be able to scale and grow our business and it will surely reduce manual interventions.

Mr. Abid - Founder

Husaingadh Enterprises LLP


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