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We are an enthusiastic and energetic establishment dedicated to bringing automation and transforming business processes digitally. With a vision to eliminate the lack of advanced technologies for modern industries, Matiyas is thriving as an ERP and business automation company. We understand the value of technological advancements for increasing productivity and enhancing quality, and our in-house teams of dedicated professionals offer various services to achieve this objective effectively.

At Matiyas, our mission remains as startups and SMEs can leverage the benefits of evolving emerging technologies and optimize their processes digitally. We offer end-to-end ERP and other industry-grade IT solutions to help businesses survive, scale, and succeed through digital transformation.

Our visionary founder and CEO Mr. ShabbirAli Matiya has a combined experience of over two decades in the IT domain. He has domain experience of over 15 years in Business Process Improvement and over 5 years in ERP and over 5 years in transforming business using emerging technologies.

Our Commitment

  • To empower you to optimize processes and people
  • To achieve digital transformation across all the operations
  • To keep enterprises ready to achieve industry-specific goals
  • To make companies ready to meet future challenges and competition
  • To prepare industries to grab opportunities while implementing automation

As digital experts, we provide our esteemed corporate clientele with deep technical insights and the ability to align with the unique needs of modern businesses to achieve industry-specific goals.

We offer top-notch solutions to startups, SMEs, and established enterprises at a reasonable rate. Our customized solutions can be useful for all major industry verticals including healthcare, manufacturing, oil & gas, services, retail and distribution, non-profit, and public sector. Our scalable ERP solutions are customizable to meet diverse and ever-changing business needs.


Our Motto

We up-skill our consulting expertise and bring innovation to our solutions. We stop at nothing but the pinnacle of goodness and quality when it comes to client services

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