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Kuwait houses an affluent economy which is primarily based on its wide petroleum sector. However, apart from the oil and petroleum industry, the country’s economy is supported by many other potential industries including food processing, cement, construction materials, and shipbuilding. These manufacturing sectors speculated high growth due to trade exposure, economic diversification, and a hard competition in the global market. The GDP growth of the Kuwait government in the current fiscal year is 1.6%. As per the data drawn by the World Bank, Kuwait is the 5th wealthiest nation across the globe, in terms of gross national income per capita and its economy is one among the 20 largest GDP per capita in the world. Kuwait being a self-sufficient producer of steel has its steel industry as the second most significant sector of the country. On the other hand, the Kuwait government has planned to position the nation as a central international hub for the petroleum sector, which is a part of Kuwait Vision 2035 initiative.

Enterprise Resource Planning In Kuwait

All the Gulf countries get their highest revenue returns from their oil and petroleum sector. Kuwait being one such coastal state, was the flourishing centre of trade and commerce even before “the oil”. According to the World Bank, the Arabian states have been a significant contributor of the world’s highest charitable donors of fiscal support as a GDP share.

So, it is not hard to assume the country’s throbbing businesses and income revenue which can be significantly doubled with the proper implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning. When the business and its chances of its future expansion are high, an ERP really comes handy to automate all the business planning and efficiently handle the company logistics in a simplified manner. Additionally, a precise and systematic ERP solution ought to increase a company’s overall efficiency in all its departments.

ERP by Matiyas is one such agile business planning solution provider that ensures the best ERP system in the world. It is designed to ensure both simplicity and power to your business.

Matiyas believes in simplifying businesses with its agile ERP solutions that integrate vital business processes and real-time business insights, streamline industrial practices, ensure improved collaboration among users from data sharing, purchasing to outsourcing orders, and more, within the shortest possible interval so that clients can start savoring the ERP benefits at the earliest.

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While the large enterprises invest zillions of dollars in installing highly sophisticated ERP systems like SAP (Systems Applications and Products), SMEs are still lagging in the race. The main reason behind this is the lack of financial resources of the SMEs to hire such high-end ERP developers and customize business tools to match their requirements. Expensive ERP systems like Oracle, SAP, etc. have a no-go scenario for most small and medium scale companies.

Matiyas ERP system is dedicated to all such startup firms and SMEs who are looking forward to expanding their business network across the globe. As digital experts, we guarantee our esteemed clients subtle technical insights and ability to match the unique needs of modern industries to win their business-specific goals.

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Why Do SMEs Need ERP Support And Integration?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an all-in-one business tool that gives a complete management structure to any and all organizations. It is used in every department of a company, like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Accounting, Workflow Management, Project Management (PM), Manufacturing unit, Human Resource Management (HRM), and in many other diverse areas of a business.

ERP is suitable for any business size, however, it has a greater influence on the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in terms of operational improvements and cost saving. ERP is a flexible, scalable cum perfect solution for SMEs to help them thrive during this global economic downturn.

An integrated ERP system helps you control and manage all aspects of your organization from a single unified platform. It allows seamless data flow within the diverse departments of your company- from administration to down to your financial statement. Integrating overall business processes and information enhances efficiency and helps you in informed decision-making.

Our Tried And Tested ERP Implementation Solutions


Get real-time cash flow updates. Wholesome accounting software that covers multi-faceted bookkeeping requirements.


Manage the entire tenure of the employee right from onboarding to leaving.


Manage and maintain manifold bills of production material, production planning, schedule and checklist.


Improvise and expedite the healthcare services by employing ERP automation solutions.


Manage Trading & Distribution with impeccable customized solutions to automate businesses.


Expand your customer base with our sales-driven ERP customization.


Scaling up production and lowering cost by managing the purchase and sales orders.


Earn a wider clientele network with a streamlined sales process. Track leads, scopes, and send quotations forthwith.


Maintain on-time delivery of internal as well as external projects within budget while accounting profitability. Track daily tasks, timesheets, and projectwise agenda.


Guarantee better service experience with an integrated knowledge base and automatic issue tracker.


Organize and manage asset details, their updates, value alteration, and devaluation.


Matiyas ERP system features a one-stop platform to create, design, and develop webpages, blogs, and forms in minutes alongside other content management services exactly the way you want.


Earn a wider clientele network with a streamlined sales process. Track leads, scopes, and send quotations forthwithGet instant and easy access to data regarding staff and students, schedules and examinations, admissions and fees, etc., and well-manage all the aspects of your institution.

Why Choose Us As Your ERP Consultant?

At Matiyas, we leverage our customized and advanced ERP solutions to help startups and SMEs in streamlining their business processes. We offer evolving advanced technology based end-to-end ERP services alongside other industry-specific IT solutions to help businesses thrive, grow, and triumph through digitalization.

Our enthusiastic and energetic team of experts are committed to digitally transform businesses through seamless automation. With a mission to replace the conventional business management approach with latest technologies for modern industries, Matiyas is currently a globally thriving ERP automation company.

Our doyen founder and CEO Mr. ShabbirAli Matiya has fine command over and experience in the IT domain for over two decades. He has dedicated 15+ years in Business Process Improvement and 5+ years in ERP. Additionally, he has an experience of over 5 years in transforming businesses with evolving technologies. In the last decade, his expertise and dedication have made Matiyas the top ERP software development company in Ahmedabad, India.

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