Robust International Commodities Limited With Matiyas’ Customised ERP Solution:


Robust International Commodities Limited, a prominent player in the manufacturing industry, overcame substantial
operational hurdles through the adoption of Matiyas’ tailored ERP solution. Tushar Shekhar, the Financial
Controller, sheds light on this transformative journey.

Headquartered in Singapore, Robust International operates with a global footprint, maintaining offices in
over 20 countries across the world. This extensive international presence empowers us with a robust operational
network, providing the scale needed to cater to clients on every continent. With a significant focus on Asia,
Africa, and Europe, we exert strategic control over the procurement and sourcing of essential raw materials.
This meticulous approach ensures that we consistently deliver the highest level of service and maintain
efficient distribution channels for our global customer base.

Robust International’s infrastructural capabilities span the globe, and our strong presence in key regions
reflects our commitment to excellence. Our adept employees integrate ethical integrity, efficiency, and a
customer-oriented approach into all business dealings. This synergy has not only allowed us to navigate complex
global operations but has also fostered enduring relationships with suppliers and clients worldwide.

Operational Challenges:

Before embracing Matiyas’ ERP, Robust International encountered issues such as scattered data across multiple
systems, manual processes causing delays, limited visibility into financial performance, and suboptimal
inventory control.

Decision to Implement Matiyas ERP:

Driven by a strategic vision, Tushar Shekhar highlights key factors influencing their decision: Matiyas’
flexibility for customization, a strong reputation, a compelling cost-benefit analysis, and comprehensive
support and training programs.

Standout Features:

During the evaluation, specific features stood out, including high customization, scalability, robust reporting
and analytics, compliance features, and user-friendly interface.

Integration Process:

The integration process involved effective communication, collaboration with Matiyas, and a dedicated project
management team. The result was a well-planned effort that significantly improved efficiency and data accuracy.

Instrumental Features:

Matiyas’ robust reporting and analytics capabilities played a pivotal role in addressing the organization’s
challenges, providing real-time visibility into financial and operational performance.

Impact on Day-to-Day Operations:

Matiyas’ ERP solution transformed day-to-day operations, enhancing workflow efficiency, providing real-time
insights for decision-making, improving communication, optimizing resource allocation, reducing costs, and
supporting overall growth.

Advice for Other Organizations:

Tushar Shekhar offers valuable advice to organizations considering Matiyas’ ERP solution, emphasizing careful planning, time investment in process setup, team training, and ongoing collaboration with the vendor.


“I am quite happy with the ERP solution provided by Matiyas. Their customized ERP solution not only streamlined
our workflows but also provided real-time insights into our operations. The customer support from Matiyas’ Team
has been exceptional throughout the journey.”


Robust International Commodities Limited’s success story showcases how Matiyas’ customised ERP solution has
become a cornerstone for efficiency and growth in the manufacturing industry. The case study invites other
organizations to explore the transformative potential of Matiyas’ ERP solution.

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